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Many roads lead to Geomatics

With a Bachelor or Master's degree in Geomatics a lot of career opportunities are open to you in Switzerland and internationally – with excellent prospects on the job market.

If you want to become a Geomatics engineer you need to study at a University of Applied Science or at the ETH. More information on the places to study are given here »

Admission to these programs usually requires either the leaving exam of a Gymnasium (Matura) or an equivalent vocational diploma (Berufsmatura). Under special circumstances it may also be possible to get admission without such a formal qualification. The Bachelor program typically takes 6 semesters. Afterwards it is possible to acquire further qualifications within a Master's program. Exceptionally gifted and scientifically interested students may then be admitted to doctoral studies at the ETH or at a University.

University of Applied Sciences - application oriented education:
Bachelor students at a University of Applied Sciences may expect a primarily application oriented education which is completed with a Bachelor of Science degree. Graduates are qualified to work in an engineering or surveying company, with a construction company, in industry or in the public utility sector. The Master of Science is in reach then. Successfully studying for another 3 semesters students earn a Master's degree which opens a variety of job opportunities in commerce, engineering businesses, industry and public administration. The degree also provides the opportunity to become a licensed surveyor.

Most students at a University of Applied Sciences already have related work experience before enrolling for the Bachelor program. Typically, the program can be completed either as full time or as part time program.

ETH - broad, scientifically oriented education:
The Bachelor program at the ETH is completed with a Bachelor of Science ETH degree after 6 semesters. Here science comes to the fore. Who enjoys puzzles, research and development, who is curious, wants to know how things work and how they don't - and who in addition is also interested in mathematics, physics, geography and computers is in the right place at ETH. The Bachelor program at ETH prepares the students ideally for a Master's program. Most of them also pursue the latter. As a Master of Science ETH you are prepared for leading positions in companies and public administration and for a future career in science. A Master's program completed with an excellent grade is a typical requirement to commence doctoral studies. Additionally, the Master of Science ETH degree also opens the opportunity to become a licensed surveyor.

The Bachelor and Master programs at the ETH are designed as full-time programs and can usually not be completed extra-occupationally.


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