There are good reasons to study Geomatics


There are good reasons to study Geomatics:

Geomatics suits you

  • You are interested in geosciences, computers and technology
  • You want to contribute to shaping and sustainably using our living environment
  • You have spatial sense
  • You possess basic mathematical and technical skills

Profession and education are rich in variety

  • Technology and natural sciences are combined with management and IT
  • Theory and practical applications go hand in hand from the very beginning
  • You work, study and practice indoors and outdoors
  • Teamwork is required just as much as individual working
  • Selectives and alternatives allow individual focussing

The subjects studied cover a broad range of topics

  • There is geoinformation and cartography
  • There is photogrammetry and image processing
  • There is measurement and surveying
  • There is spatial planning and lang management
  • There is physical geodesy and satellite geodesy
  • There is navigation
  • And there is much more

There is a team spirit in Geomatics

  • The number of students is low
  • The ratio of instructors to students is ideal
  • Practical work is often carried out in small groups
  • Field courses and excursions weld groups together
  • Long-lasting friendships and professional collaborations often start with helpful cooperation during the years of study

Studying Geomatics is a sustainable investment

  • It prepares students well for their professional life
  • It opens excellent opportunities on the national and international job markets
  • Graduates of Geomatics are important for society
  • Jobs are available e.g. as employed or self-employed engineers, in industry, in administration and in science

Einige Impressionen vom Studium an der ETH Zürich