Karin Reimers

Real Estate valuer in a company for real estate valuation

What are the tasks for you in your present job?
I am working as an expert valuer for a company for real estate valuation, a subsidiary of a german Hypothekenbank. I am the technical head of the office in Berlin. I prepare expert reports of market and mortgage lending values for all kinds of properties as terminal buildings or houses for families in several federal states of Germany. Several different banks are the purchasers. They want to give credits for properties based on these reports. Other purchasers are private persons who want to sell their real estate or who want to transfer it to their children or divide it into peaces.

What did you do in your job last week? How does your daily work look like?
I have visited a real estate in the city with a leasable area of some 67,000 square meters and different uses as hotel, office, living, leisure acitivities and commerce. I have controlled the rental income routinely for giving an actual value for market and mortgage lending. Then I finalized an expert report for the first energetic renovated building of a housing association with 530 apartments in a special satellite town of Berlin. Incidently we have had party for the new office in the 4th floor. We had nice talks with the colleagues and purchasers of our parent bank.

What is especially interesting and exciting in your job?
Analysing the buildings and its structure from different construction years, in different parts of town and the possibilities for development for the owners, inhabitants and users are very interesting. Together with this aspect the complete evaluation of the development of real estate is exciting. Following this the immovable property has its own dynamic for me.

What do you like best in your job?
Besides the view on concrete and rocks the personal contact with human beings is very important. Contact to purchasers, owners, buyers, investors, project parties and users is essential.
For the procedures in the office I have prepared regular team meetings to talk about problems and to create a good and stable working atmosphere.

What have been milestones (projects, happenings) during your career?
My leading of project for development areas in urban planning is very important for me. I can identify the urban planning possibilities for a part of the city and I can give partial advise. My qualification as certified expert and the successfully passed addition to the international network RICS are main points as I realized that learning gives important knowledge even after studies at the university. Performing the evaluation of a huge construction project in the main area of Berlin with a market value of hundreds of millions of euros – it was the beginning of my actual new job and I had to pull out all the stops of my knowledge.

What do you mean – which qualifications and capabilities are helpful for doing the job of an engineer?
Analytical and structured thinking, spatial imagination, ability to handle data, looking beyond ones nose, talking to other disciplines with existing interfaces.

What is your opinion concerning the future of geodesy?
There is a combination with other disciplines as geodesists are the basis for the action and commerce in many branches. Not only with real estate. Without correct maps the real estate cannot be evaluated. Without correct plans of the building it is not possible to give valid data of income and values for a real estate.


Year of birth: 1965
Studies: Studies at the Technical University of Berlin TU,
professional training for being established as senior official in surveying service at Senatsverwaltung Stadtentwicklung in Berlin
Specialization:Certified expert for real estate CIS HypZert (F),
accomplished assessment APC - Assessment of Professional Competence as MRICS, Member of Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
Experiences in practice: 1 year working as engineer in a society of publicly appointed surveyors ÖbVI after finishing studies
12 years executive staff the society of publicly appointed surveyors ÖbVI with different acitivities;
after professional training 3 years project leader property surveying and real estate cadastre;
7 Jahre Projektleiterin für Vermessung in "Städtebaulichen Entwicklungsbereichen";
3 years office manager;
7 years certified expert and real estate expert, team leader for real estate valuation,
Actual Job:certified expert for real estate valuation and technical head of VR WERT GmbH, office in Berlin



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