Tanja Beck

Project manager at EADS Astrium in Munich

Where do you work and what is your task?
I am project manager at an international study for ESA (European Space Agency) which examines a future architecture of Galileo. The study's main focus is set on an improvement of Galileo's performance for the user. Therefore new system concepts and new technologies are examined at the space- and ground segment. I'm working as system engineer for satellite navigation as part of the Galileo System Support Team. In the same team I was responsible for a System Volume Simulator’s development for several years. Right now I coordinate the implementation of System Performance Analysis using the simulator.

What did you do last week? What does your everyday work life looks like?
I checked results, reviewed documents for the final version of the architecture study and had final agreements with the associated partners. I started preparing a presentation to introduce the study’s results for ESA at the 'Industry Presentation Day'. Furthermore I am working on a technical workout for the last phase of expansion to offer it to ESA. Beside this, I coordinate System Performance Analysis using data given by the first Galileo satellites (GIOVE A and B).

What do you like in particular concerning your job? What is particularly interesting and exciting?
I believe it is most of all the teamwork with people from different nationalities. For example French, Spanish, English and Italian people are working on projects or as a part of the Astrium Team. Furthermore I like the exciting tasks in terms of aerospace and the linked challenges.

What were the reasons which motivated you for your job?
The interesting and not uncommon tasks, working international, very well teamwork within the navigation department at Astrium ( I wrote my diploma thesis in this department before) and the possibility to develop new competences in terms of technical and management skills. 

Would you like to tell us about your motto or you philosophy of life?
Indeed, I do not have a motto. It is important to enjoy your life and to avoid spending too much time on doing things you do not like to do. That is why it is that important to have fun and pleasure at work which means choosing the right job which leaves free time for your private life too.

Which advices would you give to pupils who are interested in being an engineer?
You should catch as much experience in practice as possible, work at companies to a) create your own imagination where you want to work later and b) to establish contacts for you thesis or a future job. When you are once known at a company and they are convinced of your good working, it is easier to get a job later. Staying abroad in English language areas is also important. For most of the engineering jobs you need to talk English every day or rather nearly all documents and literature is written in English.

personal data

Year of birth: 1974
Studies: Geodesy at TH Karlsruhe, degree Diplom-Ingenieur
Specialization:Software development - Performance Volume Simulator for Galileo, examination of system capability of Galileo, examination of first data from GIOVE A/B, project manager and system engineer for satellite navigation at EADS Astrium, representative head of department ANE12
Experiences in practice : 9 years as system engineer for satellite navigation – main focus: Galileo, 2 years project management
Actual Job:system engineer for satellite navigation at EADS Astrium

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