Prof. Dr. Martina Klärle

Professor for land management in Frankfurt / Main

Where do you work and what is your task?
I work in Frankfurt / Main as university professor in the study course geo-information and municipal technique. I am leading the study course and giving lectures about legal planning, land management and renewable energies. Additionally, I am leading some research projects.

What did you do last week? What does your everyday work life looks like? Wie sieht Ihr Arbeitsalltag aus?
What did you do last week? What does your everyday work life looks like? Last week I guided the students to create a digital planning scheme, I adopted a solar roof cadastral plan in the Black Forrest and I discussed the establishment of a new study course master of geo-information and municipal technique.

What are the most interesting and exciting parts of your profession?
t is the fact that it has a wide variety and offers so many possibilities. As engineer you learn to handle things and resolve them properly. There are a lot of exciting things. It had been always nice as a woman to immerse into a supposed man´s world. Often I am the only woman and that is additionally interesting for me in my profession.

What do you like in particular concerning your job?
That there exists so much of it .(smiling).

What were the reasons which motivated you for your job?
When I went to school, I did not know the profession of a geodesist or surveying engineer. Fortunately, I could do an aptitude test in school. My statements were: I love mathematics, nature and our earth. Subsequently, I was referred to geodesy. Until today I am very happy about this.

Which characteristics and abilities are helpful in the property of engineering in your opinion?
The affinity for numbers and accuracy together with a slightly propensity to perfectionism and full of curiosity. This mixture builds up the perfect image of a female engineer in my mind.

Do you tell us about your motto or you philosophy of life?
The own enthusiasm about the profession counts already 80 percent of the career. If you are open, you can discover plenty of possibilities to develop yourself and your profession. For me, the substantial motto is set in the maintenance of creation. A geo-engineer owns the expertise to realize the earth’s sensitivity and to protect human beings and nature wherever it is possible. That is why I am fighting for renewable energies. Using geo data, we - geodesists - are able to contribute a lot to the earth’s protection.

And just two more questions at the end:

Where is the future of geodesy in your opinion?
The future is definitely set in the extension of virtual three-dimensional worlds like for example Bing, Google Earth, Map24. This should happen in the 3D-gamesworld as well as in terms of subject-specific planning of for example 3D-visualization of building projects.

How would you describe geodesy using one sentence?Geodesy is the ability of merging knowledge and maps together.


Year of birth: 1967
Studies: tudies at the University of Bonn, afterwards trainee for becoming an official surveyor in Nordrhein-Westfalen, scientific assistant at the institute for urban city research, land management and cultural research at the University in Bonn, PhD and habilitation in the field of urban city research and human settlements at the University in Bonn
Specialization: urban city research, land management and real estate valuation
Education: training as a survey technician
Studies: 1. studies Survey technician
2.studies Environmental monitoring
Specialization: spatial municipal planning, search for locations for renewable energies, research focus cadastral plans for solar roof
Experiences in practice: 3 years as survey technician; 12 years as independent engineer with own company including 15 employees by now
Actual Job: Professor for land management and head of the Steinbeis transfer center geo information and land management.

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