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Finally, my talent for mathematics and especially my interest for geography and maps were the main reasons for my choice of profession", says Dr. Matthias Neureither today about his decision to study geodesy.

By this time several years have passed and today he is a publicly appointed surveyor. Together with his partner he leads a surveying office including a team of 30 employees and every week is filled with busy schedules.

"My main task covers the acquisition of new projects. Beside the contact with clients and cooperation partners, it includes a certain project management. Human resources work, development work and the involvement in constituting new technologies are also part of my every day work life."  Additionally, he is active in special expert committees as part of the association work.

Review: After the Abitur and military service, Dr. Matthias Neureither started to study geodesy at the University of Stuttgart in 1977. First, he stayed as scientific assistant at the institute for application of geodesy in building industry. He examined especially projects in terms of numerics and data processing referring to geodetic and general engineering-related tasks. The most important aim during this time was the doctorate on the topic “Modelling of geometric-topological data to calculate netlike and extensive structures”. A specialization during his studies was not possible yet at that time. Due to this, he just found his specialization in data processing while working as scientific assistant. Besides other projects, he worked on the generation of a program system to calculate geometric deformations at buildings or respectively earthquakes as well as at calculations of form and blank of roof membrane for the roof of the Olympic Stadium in Montreal.

eviewing this time, Dr. Matthias Neureither says today: "Geoinformatics was pretty young in those days. Today, as a publicly appointed surveyor you are rather a geodetic "all-rounder". For my every day work life the following subject-specific fields of work are equally important:
  Official public surveying (surveying of property)
- Engineering surveying
- Exploitation of urban land and land management
- Geo-information
- Valuation of real estates"


Year of birth: 1957
Studies: Studies at the University of Stuttgart, eight years as scientific assistant at the institute for application of geodesy in building industry at the University of Stuttgart

Scientific work:

PhD 1992
Specialization: Geoinformatics
Experiences in practice: internship at a surveying office; development manager for software used in road construction, construction invoicing, surveying and CAD (computer-aided design); two years of traineeship for the qualification to become a publicly appointed surveyor; teaching assignment at the technical college at the university of Karlsruhe
Actual Job: since 12 years independent working publicly appointed surveyor

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