Petra Hellemann

Expertin Meliorationen Bundesamt für Landwirtschaft

After his studies of geodesy and his job as scientific assistant at the University of Stuttgart, Peter Scholl decided to choose a classical career in terms of the administrative surveying service.

And this does not mean boring office work: First, Peter Scholl worked as consultant at the former Landesvermessungsamt (state survey department) Baden-Württemberg. He was on the road through the whole state to meet all the surveying teams and to coordinate their work. During his second job as consultant, he was the head of a national working group which was responsible for the professional progress of a main project (AKTIS). For him the contact with colleagues from different federal states was very exciting. This job also offered him the possibility to give speeches all over the country. After his changeover to the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Baden-Württemberg, Peter Scholl did not only concentrate on questions in terms of surveying, but also started working on different tasks in terms of organization, budget or planning. Things like conceptions for minister speeches, minister visits or the preparation of strategy papers were part of his daily work life. At the same time, there was the decision to convert the whole surveying administration into a federal institution. The very efficient planning of this change management was one of Peter Scholl's main tasks. It also included unpleasant experiences since some branch offices of the surveying departments had to be finished.

Today Peter Scholl is director of the department of surveying and land consolidation in the administrative district Böblingen. His function includes different tasks in areas of geoinformation and land management: it contains in particular the management of the real estate cadastre. Since its development more than 180 years ago this is the only regionwide and actual verification of every property in the country. Additionally, Peter Scholl is responsible for property surveying and building land allocation in the whole administrative district Böblingen. Furthermore his office is concerned for land consolidation. This term means a procedure to develop rural areas concentrating on the aim to implement a socially acceptable country development. The main task is to combine economic interests of the owners of land with the plans of the local authority and the nature protection's imaginations. This causes new and exciting challenges nearly every day.

personal data

Year of birth: 1954
Studies: Studies at the University of Stuttgart, job as scientific assistant at the University of Stuttgart, preparatory phase for being established as senior official in surveying service
Experiences in practice: Consultant at the Landesvermessungsamt Baden-Württemberg for several years (consultant for TP-networks first to fourth order; consultant for the establishment and organization of ATKIS-DLM 25); consultant at the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Baden-Württemberg (report for principle affairs of surveying, geodetic law and surveyors, geodesists` profession)
Special milestones: Profession as evaluator ordered by the ¨Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ)¨ in terms of the project ¨Construction of country management-information system in Shanghai/China¨ (1991); working on the administration reform in the surveying administration of Baden-Württemberg at the Ministry of Economic Affairs (1995 to 2002)
Actual Job: Director of the department of surveying and land consolidation in the administrative district Böblingen (Baden-Württemberg)

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