real estate


Cadastrial surveying

Properties and their boundary

Often we meet teams of surveyors with measuring equipment on yellow tripods and red and white bars. Nearly everybody wants to know: what shall be surveyed at this place. Above all it is the question if there is no large construction site near by. This is a section of geodesy which is essential for the safety of ownership of land and property and you get in contact with geodesy very good: cadastrial surveying.

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Climate & environment

What happens where while it is getting warmer? How does our environment change? Where does sea level rise come from? Are the continents drying out? Are the continental plates still sliding on top of each other as they did in the past? - Geomatics engineers measure changes and answer questions.

Real estate

Everyone has seen geomatics engineers in the field. Using their instruments they sometimes work at the roadside. Car drivers slow down, thinking of speed control. Children stop by craving for the colorful security jackets. - But what are the engineers really doing there?

Technology & industry

How is it possible that we don't miss each other when boring a tunnel from two sides? Why is the shelf at home always crooked but the 300 m high building bolt upright? - Because geomatics engineers take care of it.

Navigation & Mobility

In the past, the front passenger said: "There should be a right turn soon." Today, this is not enough anymore. Dead-ends, new roundabouts, nearby points of interest – a modern navigation system seems to know everything. - If it does, this is just due to geomatics…