Climate and environment


Renewable energy 

Our contribution to the energy revolution

"We need to take care of our planet." This is a sentence which is heard louder and louder with increasing discussions about climate change and its consequences. So why not cover private energy needs with solar power collected on the roofs of the houses? This is already done? Right, but not everywhere in Switzerland.

Modern laser scanners can make more than 100.000 range measurements per second from an airplane. If they do this while the plane flies above a certain region a digital terrain model with an accuracy of about 05 meters can be derived from the measurements. This is called airborne laser scanning.

The resulting "point clouds" are not only thy basis for photorealistic visualization of the terrain. They also allow calculation which roofs are suitable for harvesting solar power, which locations are suitable for windmills, and which creeks or rivers are suitable for producing electricity from hydro power. Through contributions like these, Geomatics engineers assist significantly in the substitution of non-sustainable energy sources by renewable energy.

Quelle: Madeleine Manyoky, Planning of Landscape and Urban Systems, ETH Zürich
Climate & environment

What happens where while it is getting warmer? How does our environment change? Where does sea level rise come from? Are the continents drying out? Are the continental plates still sliding on top of each other as they did in the past? - Geomatics engineers measure changes and answer questions.

Real estate

Everyone has seen geomatics engineers in the field. Using their instruments they sometimes work at the roadside. Car drivers slow down, thinking of speed control. Children stop by craving for the colorful security jackets. - But what are the engineers really doing there?

Technology & industry

How is it possible that we don't miss each other when boring a tunnel from two sides? Why is the shelf at home always crooked but the 300 m high building bolt upright? - Because geomatics engineers take care of it.

Navigation & Mobility

In the past, the front passenger said: "There should be a right turn soon." Today, this is not enough anymore. Dead-ends, new roundabouts, nearby points of interest – a modern navigation system seems to know everything. - If it does, this is just due to geomatics…