Climate and environment


Emergency Management

"Planning for extreme cases"

The dynamic agility and the vulnerability of our Earth is demonstrated very impressively by natural catastrophes like eruptions of volcanoes, extraordinary hurricanes, flash floods, earthquakes or tsunamis. Geomatics has an important share in a forward-looking catastrophe management.

Earth is subject to permanent change, some of which – like climate change – proceeeds very slowly, some very quickly – like earthquakes. If these changes cause high loss of life, goods or environmental goods then we speak of them as catastrophes. Geomatics engineers contribute to interdisciplinary and international risk analysis for emergency management together with engineers of other disciplines (e.g. civil engineering) as well as geosciences, communication and business administration. Based on the reliable, detailed and unique data acquisition and description of space-related quantities a smoothly operating crisis management can be developed for the case of emergency. This also allows taking preventive actions. Development and operation of early warning systems, execution of sustainability analyses and the preparation of resonable plans of actions for emergency cases are essential steps to preserve the Earth as a living environment for future generations.

Source: Petra Hellemann, BLW
Climate & environment

What happens where while it is getting warmer? How does our environment change? Where does sea level rise come from? Are the continents drying out? Are the continental plates still sliding on top of each other as they did in the past? - Geomatics engineers measure changes and answer questions.

Real estate

Everyone has seen geomatics engineers in the field. Using their instruments they sometimes work at the roadside. Car drivers slow down, thinking of speed control. Children stop by craving for the colorful security jackets. - But what are the engineers really doing there?

Technology & industry

How is it possible that we don't miss each other when boring a tunnel from two sides? Why is the shelf at home always crooked but the 300 m high building bolt upright? - Because geomatics engineers take care of it.

Navigation & Mobility

In the past, the front passenger said: "There should be a right turn soon." Today, this is not enough anymore. Dead-ends, new roundabouts, nearby points of interest – a modern navigation system seems to know everything. - If it does, this is just due to geomatics…