School finished - what next?


A successful apprenticeship of 4 years leads to a degree as "Geomatikerin EFZ" or "Geomatiker EFZ", i.e. as a surveyor with federal certificate of proficiency. The vocational training consists of the time spent in the company, of courses in the vocational school, and of extra-company vocational training. Apprentices can prioritize one of the areas cartography, geoinformation, or cadastral surveying. Exceptionally good students can acquire a vocational degree during or after the apprenticeship; this enables them to start a Bachelor program at a University of Applied Sciences.

Employees who want to further qualify can acquire the federal degree of a Geomatics technician (Geomatiktechniker/In FA) if they have at least four years of professional experience after their EFZ and if they have successfully completed ten modules of the FA degree program. During this continued education they focus on one of the two areas GIS or surveying. Additionally they enhance their knowledge and capabilities in tendering, project management, concept development, and in target-oriented communication within the company and with customers. Once they have obtained the FA they are entitled to lead small to medium projects from concept development through the tender phase and project execution to project completion.

Further qualification is then possible by starting a Bachelor program at a University of Applied Sciences without conditions.

More information regarding vocational training can be found on the website (German and French only) of the association Trägerverein Geomatiker/In Schweiz »

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