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What is Geomatics?

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Was ist Geomatik?

Geomatics is the science of surveying and dividing the Earth - using surfaces, lines, and points. It helps us know exactly where our house is located, how far it is to China, how big the glaciers are right now, whether the dam is still in shape - and a lot more.

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Geomatics seems fascinating and exciting. Where and how can you become a geomatics engineer in Switzerland? Depending on the schools that you have been to, on your priorities, talents and requirements there are different ways. You can start for the endeavor as a student or as an apprentice.

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Me & Geomatics?


One processes satellite data. Another one measures the deformations of a dam. A third one develops algorithms for identifying with images what happens where. And the forth one works on an innovative cartography project. Geomatics is also full of challenges for researchers.

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The job opportunities are excellent. Geomatics engineers are looked for by many companies and institutions. You want to know which type of jobs they offer? Come along. Get to know people who have selected a career in Geomatics. And get insider information on how geomatics looks like in practice.

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Much reading, heard a lot. Which conclusion do you reach? There are many fascinating projects  all over the world for geomatics engineers. And what about you? Do you think this would be the right choice for you?

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